First I’ve heard this played. Fun!

Gordon Hunt – Principal Oboe of The Philharmonia Orchestra
Celia Craig – Principal Oboe of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Jeff Crellin – Principal Oboe of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Anne Gilby – President and Founder of the Australisian Double Reed Society

Would I want my students to use this oboe? Doubtful. I start students off with instruments that have the left F. Students end up needing that soon after starting oboe, and it’s something to get in the left pinkie FingerBrain™ as soon as possible.


  1. Do people use the bundy in America? Everyone I know started of with one of those, I think they’re made by selmer, and they do have the left f. They sound horrible, but it’s okay to learn it on I guess… You won’t sound great anyway! though I would have preferred to have a wooden oboe sooner, it made so much difference…

  2. My beginners use either a Fox Renard or a Yamaha, eefje.

  3. Thanks, I’ll look in to those! A clarinetist friend of mine is also learning to play oboe, but on a bundy (it’s what all the bands buy) and he can’t afford a nice Loree or Marigaux or anything, but maybe a better student oboe…

  4. A Fox Renard or Yamaha is miles better than a Bundy in my opinion. I avoid Bundy, Linton, Selmer, Vibra, more … so many to avoid!

  5. On the contrary, we find that kids who learn with a left hand F from the start don’t learn to use the forked F, and getting used to a LH F later is easy. In any case, the idea of the Howarth Junior oboe is to make the oboe accessible to young kids who would not normally have big or strong enough hands for a standard student oboe. That’s why keywork is minimal. Kids as young as seven can play a Junior oboe. For an older student you can’t beat the Howarth S20, which has a LH F and a third octave. They cost a bit more than a Bundy or a Yamaha but they’re in a different league in terms of quality of workmanship and of course sound.

  6. I am only speaking (or writing!) from my personal experience. I didn’t learn with a left F and to this day I struggle with using it rather than forked. Perhaps I’m the only one who is like that … I can be a bit on the slow side, to be sure. 🙂

    I have one student with a Howarth (not sure the model: they purchased it prior to studying with me). He’s the only one I know of in my neck ‘o the woods who plays a Howarth. They haven’t seemed to catch on around this area. Maybe some day I’ll have the time and money to be able to give one a go. Of course I’m older so I might end up retiring before that happens!