Lisa Hirsch brought this review to my attention. I just can’t believe it. Honestly!

But I’m going to start pounding a bassoon with sticks from here on out.


  1. Oh, many’s the time I’ve wanted to do just that. But I mostly use that bundle of sticks to torture myself, rather than the other way around.

  2. I read the review in question after seeing your tweet on my cell phone while I was in the Mission last night, & I almost dropped the burrito I was eating. Judging from a looking around the Sacramento Press site, I think the reviewer & editor were just doing the best they knew how. It is truly a masterpiece.

  3. But dk, you are one of the finest timpanists … um … I mean bassoonists I know! (And I really DO mean that. About the bassoon, that is.)

    Axel … so glad you didn’t actually drop that burrito. Whew!