I meant it when I said I wouldn’t be posting in December. Really. Okay … at least I won’t be posting much. I mean that. It’s a busy time of year, I need to be better about time management, and, to be honest, I’m struggling with the value of the blog. I’m struggling as well with putting myself out there for ridicule and other things. I’m not as strong as I thought I was, I guess.

But I just had to mention that yesterday’s Symphony Silicon Valley concert with Peter Serkin and George Cleve moved me in ways I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. After the Tchaikovsky bows were finished I had to wipe away tears. The first half with Mr. Serkin was also amazing … and as a side note, the guy hasn’t changed much from (cough, cough) over 30 years ago! I’m betting he didn’t even recognize me since I think I have aged quite a bit. Sigh. (Of course I’ll never know: I’m the shy sort who never speaks to the “stars”. The only reason I spoke with him way back when was because I was music librarian.) What a fine, fine musician. He doesn’t get stuck in one tempo, he makes things matter, he makes music. I would have loved to have a recording of his encore, too. He played Brahms’ Intermezzo, Op. 119, No. 3. I’m in love with that work and must have a copy, but I really would like it to be with Peter Serkin playing so I’ll have to see if that even exists. I looked on YouTube and would have posted something, but I’m really stuck on his interpretation now. Go figure.


  1. Ridicule?! Are you getting ridicule as an oboe blogger? Who are these haters?

    If I get a vote, it’s firmly in favor of continuing this blog – as long as you want to. You clearly still have thoughts to share!



  2. Thanks, Jennet! I think anyone who has a blog gets a few negative folks now and then. It’s something I need to accept and learn to deal with. I’m guessing I’ll keep going with this thing … it’s too much fun not to! I just need to learn how to be a stronger person when it comes to criticism and all.