Straight from the YouTube page:
I know you’ve all been waiting about 15 years for your favorite Celine Dion (originally Eric Carmen) song to be arranged for bassoon ensemble. The time has come. Any feelings of nostalgia or self pity were not intended by the arranger and should be regarded as your own interpretation of the music. Leave me a comment if you want parts!

(Looking at his YouTube page, most of what he does I can’t put up. Language and drunkeness abound, it seems, so not seeing his name to post here might be a good thing, eh? 😉 But this one I really do love!)


  1. TheMaskedBassoonist

    Thanks for posting! I hope you weren’t too offended by the other videos, though. You’ve made me think about creating a separate channel for bassoon-related videos so my crude humor doesn’t get me in trouble. Thanks again, great blog 🙂 I’ll be reading more of it tonight.

  2. Yeah … as I tell anyone who will listen, pretend whatever you put online is on a great international billboard. If you think it might harm your career, you might reconsider! 🙂

    LOVE this video of yours, though! Thanks!