I just read about a music game. It’s called New Virtuoso. No, it’s not on the market yet.

Music theory? Ruh-roh. I’d probably lose.

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Genres of music were also measured during the experiment and revealed variations between male and female drivers.
Hip-hop made a female driver drive far more aggressively, breaking harder and accelerating faster, than her male counterpart. The heavy metal playlist caused the fastest driving among males in the group while the dance playlist had the same effect among women.
The male and female drivers who listened to the classical playlist drove the most erratically.

Soooo … I read the article. You know how many people were involved in the study?

C’mon. Guess.

Really. Give it a go.

You know, you want to know. Right?

Okay … here’s the answer. Drum roll ………..


Yep. Eight people. That’s it.

(We aren’t told what ages these eight people are.)

Yes, I am laughing too.

Still, if we can’t drive with classical, we can at least exercise to it.

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it takes forever to get endurance on the oboe…. lemme tell ya

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but I’m so ready to play my oboe everyday 🙂