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so i get out my oboe and start to put it together and as i’m doing this my cat is slowly getting off my bed and walking out the door… now what does that say about my oboe skills? 😛

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Irene Dalis will be stepping down from OSJ. I read it here.

“She is the iconic San Jose cultural figure; there’s nobody to touch her,” said Andrew Bales, general director of Symphony Silicon Valley.” She aspired to be among the world’s greats and achieved it, then came back to set a standard for San Jose that had not been set before. It’s a spectacular legacy.”

It will be difficult to replace Miss Dalis. I am hopeful they will find someone who has a great knowledge of how an opera company is run, has had the appropriate experience in the big world of opera, and perhaps even raises the opera to an even higher level. I know it can happen. It will just take the right person.

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My mom got mad because I told her Morey was selling his oboe for $100 and I didn’t tell her