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Neanderthals sang opera, British archaeologist Steven Mithen, originator of the theory that music was used as a form of pre-linguistic communication by these pre-historic people, told EFE.
“The musicality of the Neanderthals can be identified more with opera than with rap because in addition to music, these hominids also used dance and body language as forms of communication,” said Mithen, author of “The Singing Neanderthals”.
“Rap is associated with a particular type of music based on words and phrases, something the Neanderthals lacked,” Mithen said.

There’s a joke in there somewhere. I just know it.


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Does anyone have an oboe I can borrow for a few months?

… minus a few instruments. But fun!

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it’s kind if sad how my happiness comes from buying new oboereeds :X #MusicKidProbs