When my student went off to play his solo for solo-ensemble festival I gave him a bit of advice. It’s advice I often need to remind myself to take as well.

We should never let our audience know if we were unhappy with our performance. We should never fill them in on our mistakes after we perform (something I frequently feel like I should do for some reason). We shouldn’t shake our heads when we blow it. As I told him, even if he makes a mistake he should just carry on and look as if he is doing exactly what he meant to do. Heck, sometimes even musicians don’t hear our mistakes! Really. Never telegraph errors to the audience. Really.

Audience members come to concerts to be entertained. They are paying for enjoyment. Don’t disappoint them!*

*Well okay, MOST audience members come to concerts to have a good time. Others come to criticize and hear all the bad stuff. Go figure. I always wonder about people like that … why pay money just so you can say how awful something was, I wonder?

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Just curious guys. How do you guys play your chromatic scale The normal way 1 breath up and down played fairly fast Slow with 4 breaths 2 up 2 down 2 breaths 1 up and 1 down all ditstrict pattern If you’re skilled 1 breath all district pattern I personally play it a unique way I take a big breath in and blast up ridiculously fast hold the top note out for a split second, inhale, then blast down…..why? You may ask…..cause that way I can get altissimos in my chromatic that’s why -instrumast…

Um … huh?! 😉

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

VCM Guitar Faculty: Bradford Werner, Michael Dias, and Bradford Werner play Antonio Vivaldi’s (1678–1741) Concerto in G major, RV. 532

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After watching #Poirot, I’m looking for someone to walk about behind me – softly playing an #oboe when I say something insightful. Anybody?