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Just back from playing a concert with the [name removed] Symphony Orchestra. It’s always odd going out the door with only one instrument, but when that instrument is the oboe, the less distractions, the better.

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(I love the second movement of the Ibert … the oboe entrance at the end is so much fun!)

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Doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been making oboe reeds. Every time I vacuum I’m surprised where I find cane shavings.

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Yesterday my sister and I went to see the movie Quartet. I really enjoyed it. I really laughed at times, too. For the right reasons, that is. I won’t fill you in on the plot, and no spoilers from me.

I usually struggle with music movies. They just don’t portray my world in what I think is an accurate way. Sometimes they make me laugh for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes I just get annoyed.

Quartet didn’t bother me in the way most music movies do. Except for one thing.

I noticed that when they are setting up the lights for a show, you hear the sound of the lights being screwed in and it’s right in sync. When a woman is mopping you hear the mopping in time with her movement. But at one point in the film there’s a string group playing and the bowing sure didn’t work with the music we heard. I found it terribly distracting. Surely if they can get that mop sound timed perfectly, along with the bulbs being screwed in, they can watch the bowing and someone could say, “Hey, that’s not right!”

Ah well.

In any case, it was a fun movie, and I was happy to get out with my sister and enjoy it. I so rarely go to movies … maybe one or two a year. I suppose I should get out more often!