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KDFC will keep the recording up, as you can read below. And yes, I’m listening at the moment. I’m sure I’ll listen again.

A tribute to SF Symphony Oboist William Bennett

In early March, our entire music community was stunned and saddened by the passing of the San Francisco Symphony’s longtime principal oboe, William Bennett. Tonight’s San Francisco Symphony broadcast is a very special tribute: the Oboe Concerto by Richard Strauss, a wonderful showcase for the virtuosity, elegance and lyricism of Bill’s playing (recorded in February).

We are fortunate to be able to share this special SF Symphony broadcast for on-demand streaming at KDFC.com beginning tonight at 10pm.

Check back at 10pm PST to stream the San Francisco Symphony Broadcast.

Go Here

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Distressing to read:

He expects the company’s $4 million operating budget will have to be cut to about $3.5 million. Asked whether the company can afford to keep giving eight performances of each of its productions, he said, “I seriously doubt that that will be possible” in the years ahead. “We’re going to be looking at all the dimes we spend.”


Scary paragraph for those of us who work there.

The article is about Larry Hancock taking over as the head of OSJ.

Support the arts, friends! We need you all.

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I still can’t wrap my brain around the loss of Bill Bennett. How those who were close can is beyond me. It really is heart breaking.

Tonight at 8:00 PM PST KDFC will be broadcasting one of his performances of the Strauss.

Just go here to listen.

In addition, you can read about Bill on the SFCV site.

The video put up by Sydne Sullivan:

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Chillin’ at the air port, listening to “Groovy Kind of Love” being played by a bad keyboard oboe sample. Yep…it’s as bad as you’re imagining…

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[name here] is officially a band nerd everybody. She practices her oboe at 8 P.M