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I’m home from the showing of Idomeneo. I’m trying _very_ hard not to grumble about my playing. That’s all I’m going to say about it … and I think that’s pretty darn amazing since I know I could spend paragraphs on it. So there you go.

What fantastic sets and staging and dancing … and singing, of course! I’m so glad I’m in the pit for these things: I could never do what those people on stage do, and my acting skills are nil so I would just cause laughter or anger if people saw me up there!

I hope we can do something at that level again someday, but I wonder if that will ever be possible. It takes a great deal of money to pull something like that off. (Thank you, Mr. Packard!) It also takes determination and creativity and someone who is willing to go for it.

In chatting with a certain someone at the theatre my blog came up. As I said to him, “It’s just boring these days.” (Or something like that, in any case … I could very well be misquoting myself!) And really, this blog is boring. For some reason my photography interests have taken over my time (see the the pattyo to see what I’m talking about). In addition, I’ve learned that I can’t just write about anything here: I don’t like to get reprimanded, I don’t like to hurt feelings, and I know I have to be cautious. Cautious can equal boring, I guess.

Anyone have anything they wish I’d blog about? Do tell!

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I feel as if I grew up with this hymn.

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Be Thou My Vision
St. George’s College Choir

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Don’t forget: this is the final day of Cinequest and Idomeneo is showing at the California Theatre!

Info here

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Telemann: Ja, ja Ich will den Nächsten lieben
Ton Koopman, organ; Lenneke Ruiten, soprano; Reine-Marie Verhagen, recorder