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I had a dentist appointment today to fill a very small cavity. I was in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes which is, for me, a record. My mouth was numb for much longer than 30 minutes, of course. They had told me it would be about an hour but it was actually closer to three. I have symphony this week, and I had planned on working more on the Verdi prior to teaching students, but aside from a few minutes this evening I didn’t do much. The trouble is my mouth is still weak. Funny what a little deadening of the mouth can do to a wind player! Even this evening as I played I got a bubble of air in the area where the numbing took place.

This is one of the several reasons I never go to the dentist on a rehearsal day, and I try to go on weeks when I have no work at all. I won’t bore everyone with my “tongue numbing for four months” experience again, but I have been very cautious ever since that event. (Has your dentist ever warned you that things can go wrong and you might have issues with your tongue? Mine sure hadn’t!) That was sixteen years ago now. I’m over it.

Sort of.

I’m really looking forward to this week of music. I love a good Requiem now and then.

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Huge benefit of getting the old oboe out is finding a tube of smarties in the case.

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I haven’t purchased, this, but some of you might be interested in a reed making app, and there’s one available. Check it out!

From the page:
Get valuable reed advice from America’s top oboe players and best reed makers. This app has been created by Christopher Gaudi in collaboration with these great artists and is designed to be a useful tool for all oboists, from beginning reed makers to seasoned professionals.

Mr. Gaudi also has a website you might be interested in.

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Like so many things, I love the oboe, and I hate the oboe. But it’s mostly love. pic.twitter.com/lyyioNWW