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From the TV show “The Mentalist”:

“Lisbon, you used to play clarinet right? What is that tune?”

“Yeah. Oh! It’s Kansas City!”


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I told the dental hygienist that I was a classical musician. Response: “You don’t do that for a living, do you?”

—Beth Zare, French hornist

Yes, I wrote about something similar to this just a short time ago. And yes, it continues to happen.

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You know….a millimeter doesn’t seems so big until you’re makingoboe reeds…

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At @balletsj neoclassical masters – Stanton Welch’s Clear was amazing again, violin soloist @ragellee and oboe Pamela Hakl were fantastic!

What fun to see this up on Twitter! 🙂

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I know some will relate to this. Me? No more, no more ….