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Patient: “What did you hear?”

Dr. Sung Park: “G#. Almost.”

Patient: “Exactly. Almost. I know from experience that when I played it it was almost a quarter tone sharper than a G. To a lay ear it would sound like a G but to me … I have perfect pitch.”

Dr. Sung Park: “Know.”

Patient: “No?”

Dr. Sung Park: “Not NO. Know. Everybody know Chung Mai have absolute perfect pitch. What wrong?”

Patient: “Wrong is that I’ve lost it. I’ve had every test that … there’s nothing wrong with my hearing except when it comes to ….”

Dr. Sung Park: “Absolute pitch not necessary for musician.”

Patient: “I’m Chung Mai ….”

For the record, I pulled out my tuner: it was almost a G, but it was about a quarter tone … FLAT.

At the end of the show, all’s well that ends well, and the doctor and patient play the Largo from the Bach double together. Funny, though, we hear an unseen cello as they play. Ah, music on TV and in movies … they need better consultants for these, I think. (Of course I’m going to guess doctors would watch the show and have complaints as well!)


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Oboe time!!(:

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If you know me, you know I’m not really a dance person most of the time. But this? Made me laugh. So on to the blog it goes.

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i need some advice! i’m in a piano trio consisting of oboe, bassoon and piano and we are sorely lacking in a name. suggestions anyone…?