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I received a surprising email this morning. I was asked if I’d like to join the tour of a rather large musical in two cities while their usual oboist took a holiday. It might have been quite fun, since I’ve worked with “the band” before and I loved doing so. When I first received the email I pondered, but in figuring out the finances of it I realized I’d take a loss: I would have had to cancel the two weeks of students and skip out on a symphony set. I’d also have to buy a new double case since the one I have is definitely not one I’d want to take as carry on, nor is it a size that would have been allowed. Even breaking even would make me question taking the job, but losing close to $600 dollars (or more if I got the case I would prefer) means it doesn’t make sense. Ah well. It might have been great fun, and I would have been able to get some fun photos.

Someone else who needs the money will get the job, I’m sure, and be grateful, and I won’t have to worry about how reeds will behave in completely different environments.

Still, I wonder what kind of fun I would have had!

Meanwhile, Opera San José rehearsals begin tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the Puccini double bill!

I don’t think our O mio babbino caro will look like this one:

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So, anyone want to buy an oboe? Because none of the music stores will take it.

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Using a reed winder – Me showing how quick it is to tie on an oboe reed with a reed winder. It’s my new toy! http://bit.ly/SXYdbp