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Some friends of mine are dealing with tough times. Cooper and Namju, I pray for you daily, and I think of you so frequently.


This is from another oboe playing pal, Anne Krabill:

Cooper and Namju Wright live in Arizona where Cooper, a talented oboist, is finishing his doctoral degree at ASU. They have been married for seven years.

In October, 2012, during a visit to her family in Korea, Namju was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few days before Cooper was scheduled to play an important doctoral recital. Namju is still in Korea, having endured surgery and chemo, and then more surgery. Her doctors have advised a course of treatment which will require Namju to remain in Korea for at least another six months.

There is no convenient time for cancer to strike, but for this young couple the timing could not be worse. Namju has not been able to return to her job in Arizona, Cooper has been studying and teaching while his wife is in Korea and the separation has been extremely difficult for them.

Expenses have been mounting – medical bills, mortgage payments, student loans, and general living expenses. Cooper spent a couple of months in Korea immediately after Namju’s diagnosis, but had to return to Arizona in December. He will go back to Korea in May to be with Namju until October.

It is always difficult to ask for help but it is time for friends and family, and even those who have not met this lovely couple, to help in any way they can. No amount is too small or too large.

Any amount which you could contribute would be gratefully received.

Every amount counts, as it all adds up. If you can help, just click here. Thank you so much!

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Sorry all my Facebook friends but I have to say it again, shout it out to the world….I LOVE MY NEW OBOE!!!!! Its like falling I’m love for the first time.

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I just received this today, and with permission I am posting it here:

While reports of my father, Ray Duste, passing in 2007 were exaggerated, I’m sad to report that he did pass away peacefully April 4, 2013 at the age of 94. He had been in robust health and clear of mind, playing golf (he shot his age at 92!) and continuing to hold court at Forrest’s until a month before his death. His wife Ellie and I were at bedside holding his hands as he left us.

A great and gracious man, gifted performer, insightful teacher and inspiration to all; I’ll miss him forever.

Marc Duste

I met Mr. Duste one time when I went to get my oboe repaired at Forrests (sadly they now won’t repair my instruments, but that’s another story for another time!). When he heard that I was the English horn player for San Jose Symphony he played every excerpt imaginable as I stood in awe and listened. He was so very kind, so very musical, and quite funny, too. I remember that day fondly. It was as if I received a free lesson and a free concert all wrapped up in one!

I’m so sorry for your loss, Marc, and send my condolences to your entire family as well.

No, I don’t know how to do it. Yes, I should learn.

I’ve always had a very fast tongue. But guess what? Along with other things, my tongue has slowed down. I may have lost around 30 pounds from walking this past year, but my tongue is just getting slower and slower and I don’t think anything is going to help that. So I suppose it’s time.

No. It’s way PAST time.

I really need to learn how to double tongue. Anyone else want to join in on the adventure? I just read Christa Garvey‘s The Oboist‘s instructions. Seems doable. If I’m disciplined.

Maybe I should take a reed on a walks with me for a while and practice then.

Or maybe not.

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Ugh … if I embed the video it plays automatically. That’s crummy.

Instead just go to this.

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After giving it some thought, and talking to someone, I’ve decided not to give up on oboe just yet.