No, I don’t know how to do it. Yes, I should learn.

I’ve always had a very fast tongue. But guess what? Along with other things, my tongue has slowed down. I may have lost around 30 pounds from walking this past year, but my tongue is just getting slower and slower and I don’t think anything is going to help that. So I suppose it’s time.

No. It’s way PAST time.

I really need to learn how to double tongue. Anyone else want to join in on the adventure? I just read Christa Garvey‘s The Oboist‘s instructions. Seems doable. If I’m disciplined.

Maybe I should take a reed on a walks with me for a while and practice then.

Or maybe not.


  1. I’m with you – the fast tongue of my youth has slowed considerably. I have kept a random reed in the car for practicing double tonguing but I think it got thrown out during a clean up. I was afraid I would inhale it, with it not being attached to an oboe…
    I’ll learn if you will.

  2. Oh yes, Anne! We should encourage each other with this. Maybe I could actually learn it! 🙂