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I don’t know why, but I’m in a melancholy sort of space. It happens. For some reason this music is good for me. I love Telemann!

Andrew Balio, trumpet
Katherine Needleman and Jane Marvine, oboes
Fei Xie, bassoon

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Have you missed the TQODs and FBQDs? I have forgotten to post any. I’m not sure folks are really interested, though. Thoughts?

I’ll keep ’em up if you enjoy them, but otherwise it might be time to say goodbye to those. I wonder!

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What prevents classical newbies from enjoying classical music, and what are some ways you bring them into the fold?

Wow, so many things. First of all, a $75 ticket, for a lot of people. The mean lady who glares at you if your seat squeaks. Boring concerts. Lazy marketing. In short, the practice that has been in place for some time of selling classical music to the already initiated and making it quite unfriendly to the novice. Thankfully all of that is changing very fast.

I’m glad to be part of a generation of musicians who are totally aware of the need to reach out in a genuine, active way to wider audiences, to connect with listeners, and to educate in the real sense of the word, to make sure that what we do has relevance to the real world we live in. Something I’m very proud of is the work I do to further that goal, and the recognition and appreciation I find coming from my audiences for that effort.

I read it here.

I puzzled a bit over the ticket price. Yes, they are expensive, but have you looked at rock concert prices recently? Bought any Giants tickets? 49ers?

So I dunno … I think people will pay if they want to see or hear something. The other things? Possible.

I hate to think that I’m of the generation of musicians who are totally unaware, though. That sort of hurts my feelings. 😉