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I know the name Justin Bieber. I know everyone likes to make fun of him, aside from young girls who, from what I’ve heard, go crazy over him. I know what he looks like: a little kid, really, although I don’t know if he’s all that young. [Patty goes on Wikipedia to look that up.] Okay, he’s a whopping 19. Anyhoo, he has a song called Beauty and the Beat and it’s been turned Baroque-ish. Sort of. Made me smile.

I went to a YouTube video to read the real words and I think it was “We’re going to party like it’s 3012 tonight”.

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I’m so grateful for those who have been able to help Cooper and Namju. I can’t imagine going through what they are dealing with. Here is a repost of the original message in case more of you would care to help. Every dollar counts!

Some friends of mine are dealing with tough times. Cooper and Namju, I pray for you daily, and I think of you so frequently.


This is from another oboe playing pal, Anne Krabill:

Cooper and Namju Wright live in Arizona where Cooper, a talented oboist, is finishing his doctoral degree at ASU. They have been married for seven years.

In October, 2012, during a visit to her family in Korea, Namju was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few days before Cooper was scheduled to play an important doctoral recital. Namju is still in Korea, having endured surgery and chemo, and then more surgery. Her doctors have advised a course of treatment which will require Namju to remain in Korea for at least another six months.

There is no convenient time for cancer to strike, but for this young couple the timing could not be worse. Namju has not been able to return to her job in Arizona, Cooper has been studying and teaching while his wife is in Korea and the separation has been extremely difficult for them.

Expenses have been mounting – medical bills, mortgage payments, student loans, and general living expenses. Cooper spent a couple of months in Korea immediately after Namju’s diagnosis, but had to return to Arizona in December. He will go back to Korea in May to be with Namju until October.

It is always difficult to ask for help but it is time for friends and family, and even those who have not met this lovely couple, to help in any way they can. No amount is too small or too large.

Any amount which you could contribute would be gratefully received.

Every amount counts, as it all adds up. If you can help, just click here. Thank you so much!

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I’m writing to inform you of an upcoming concert that will be not only musically rewarding, but is of great importance to the future of symphonic music in our culture. We the Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony have settled our relatively brief dispute with management, and are happily back on stage at Davies Symphony Hall, making great music for our beloved Bay Area audiences. The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra are not so fortunate. Their rogue administration, who recently spent 90 million dollars on a lobby renovation, offered the musicians a 40% pay cut, take it or leave it. These world class musicians have been locked out for over six months, with no end in sight. The Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony will be performing a Solidarity Concert on April 29th. This event will be broadcast live throughout the world via streaming video. All of the proceeds from our ticket sales will go directly to the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra, and to the Musicians of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, who are in a similar situation.

We have rented the magnificent sanctuary of Saint Ignatius Church, on the campus of the University of San Francisco, which seats 2,000. We need to play for a full house! We are producing and publicizing the event ourselves. Please consider purchasing a ticket, and spreading the word to every music lover you know. Your presence will be a vote for the continued health of the greatest art known to humanity.

Tickets are available from brownpapertickets.com, and are $25. $15 for seniors and students. (Children under 10 are admitted free!)

When: Monday April 29, 2013. at 7 PM

Where: St. Ignatius Church, 650 Parker Ave., SF 94118

Who: The Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man, featuring the SFS brass and percussion
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, for strings and harpsichord
Holst: St. Paul’s Suite, for strings
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5

I will have the privilege of conducting the Tchaikovsky. We would love to see you there.

Steve Paulson

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going to bed… currently there is an oboe player, french horn player and a Trumpet player practicing in my house…. not sure if I am going to be successful in my quest for slumber. wish me luck..

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Going to get oboe reeds hopefully a good one