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So interesting to see John Winstead here … some years ago I communicated with him via AIM (gee, remember AIM?). He was in high school at the time, if I’m remembering correctly.

Yes, I can play it in one breath. I demonstrate it on occasion for my students. I’ve certainly heard some of the top players take a breath in the middle, and they also stretch the notes before and after that breath. I do prefer it done more simply, although I might play it slightly slower than this master oboist suggests. Good thing I’m not a principal oboist in a symphony nor am I conductor, eh?

Here is Max Blair playing Ravel (and similar to another masterclass, Mr. Mayer says Ravel’s 92 marking is too fast):

Mary Lynch with Brahms’ Symphony No. 1

And here … “How to Impress in Auditions”

Our auditions are behind the screen so no one can see us. I would still suggest, though, that even behind the screen we act as if anyone can see us. I think when we play with that attitude we play better. I also suggest we know our music well enough that if the music should fall off the stand we keep going.

It’s so interesting to hear young players. My suggestion to most is “LINE LINE LINE!” Not just notes, but think line … think of where it’s going, what it’s saying ….

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  1. Holy Cow! I’ve always admired his playing, but what a teacher! No real surprises in what he said, but his path to communicating that to the student was a delight to watch.