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Or not.

Research shows that coughing seems to increase at classical music concerts. It’s no news that a lot of music is ruined by coughing. Coughing in quiet moments, coughing at the end of a movement, coughing that sweeps through an auditorium like wind over a prairie.
Coughing seems to increase during contemporary music and in slow, quiet movements, but researchers don’t know why. According to a story in the Telegraph, professor Andreas Wagener, a German economist, said there were few statistics on the subject but existing research indicated a strange increase in coughing among classical concert audiences.


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There is a bit of rebellion happening right now with you doing opera on a show like this, but you have to do it to educate the youth on the importance of classical music and real singing.


This was said on some (pop?) music competition show.

Read more here.

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Stupid broken oboe – any spare ones lying about looking for a home???

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I put my keys and wallet in my oboe case to go to the store… Go ahead and judge me.