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Thanks Sibelius for always making me doubt myself. I really do know the range of an oboe, so please don’t tell me I’m wrong. Stupid computers.

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with the it, Sibelius is music notation software. The writer isn’t referring to the composer.)

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Tuesday was the start of a very short run of a musical. So short, in fact, that it’ll be over before I can even imagine. I can’t remember the last time I did such a quick one. We had two rehearsals, and the same day as the second rehearsal we had our sound check and first performance. We have seven more shows to go. Monday it’ll all be over.

I’m not happy with my reeds, but I’m never comfortable using new reeds once I begin a show. Oh shoot … let me be honest and say I’m never comfortable using new reeds! I like reeds that have been played a bit. I like reeds that I am familiar with. So there you go. Older reeds it is, and I’ll deal. Besides, when you are the World’s World (thanks, dk!) Worst Reed Maker™ you just learn to live this way.

The performance last night went well. Sure, everyone had a few problems: first shows can be like that, since we are all still figuring things out. Fortunately I’d played it before, but it was still a wee bit of a challenge. The show moves quite fast, and it’s a whole lot of playing so we are constantly on our toes. (Figuratively speaking.) The concentration level is high, and when we are done we are all pretty weary. I have some sweet little solos and they are my cup of tea so I enjoy those.

But there was ONE NOTE.

I think I should start calling myself One Note Patty™. That is, after all, all it takes to mess with my head. One note that didn’t respond the way I wanted. One note that I felt was then tattooed on my head with the words, “I’m not a musician. I only pretend to be one in the pit!”

I hate when that happens. This morning I have to work on distracting myself so I don’t obsess. And in a few hours I have to get back on that bike and attempt that silly little (and mostly insignificant) note again. Will it work? Who knows? That’s really the life of a double reed player. But I have to believe it will work. I have to lie to myself and say, “This is easy. This is not a huge deal. No one hears you anyway. It doesn’t matter!” even while I usually am pretty aware that I’m lying to myself. But really, it’s what we have to do. If we go in with the “You’re gonna miss this again,” you can really sink yourself. So here’s to positive thinking, preparation, and bravery!

I have the same book I had last time. Some of the things I erased are back in the book! Really? Someone has to write “D” (his/her quotation marks, not mine) for an E double flat and a B for a C flat? Honest? My students know I’m a stickler about this. Less is more when it comes to markings. Some other markings could really throw me had I not already done this show. It’s interesting to see how other people think. (So sorry if some readers are ones who put these in. I don’t mean to offend, but this is just a big deal for me and my students and I am sticking to my story here.) I realize we all have our little ways with markings. I did notice some of mine had been erased too!

And then there are the ear worms…

Yep. This show is a big one for the worms. They crawl into the ear and they refuse to leave. So music has to be blasted as I sit here at the computer or I go bonkers. Come Monday I’m sure I’ll have to listen to something before heading out on my walk so I don’t continue the musical for longer than I was hired to play it! Heck, if I don’t replace it I just might end up with the tap dance part of it and no one wants to see me tap dance while I’m on a walk.

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I will always love the sound of strings tuning to an oboe.

followed by …

I will always love the sound of strings tuning to an oboe.” NERD

followed by …

I will always love the sound of strings tuning to an oboe.” NERD” THANKSSS:D