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I hadn’t realized that the Van Cliburn competition was happening. Oops! I enjoy watching and listening via their website by going here. You can see their schedule on this page. I’ll be checking things out tomorrow since it’s too late for anything today. I’m not sure if they are broadcasting the preliminary round or just the semifinals and finals.

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The Santa Cruz County Symphony Association announced Friday that it selected Daniel Stewart as its next music director.

Stewart succeeds John Larry Granger, who held the position for more than two decades.

Upon accepting the appointment, Stewart remarked, “It is with great joy that I look forward to joining the Santa Cruz County Symphony. I am particularly excited to contribute to the cultural life of this vibrant and inspiring part of the world, and to share my love and passion for music with an ever wider spectrum of the community.”

I read it here.

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Q A motto that you try to live by?

A I will credit it to my dad because it was absolutely him. You had to do one, at least one, kind thing for someone every day that no one else knew about. And when I was a kid, if I told my dad about it, it didn’t count. You had to go out and do another good thing. It had to be something you got no credit for. And I try to do that every day. I think being kind is very important.

This is from an interview with Patrick Summers.

I’ve always thought this way. Not that I do something kind every day, but that telling someone about it then diminished or even canceled out the “something kind”. Is that silly? Maybe. But now I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

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The world was surprised to witness a musical performance amazing National Symphony Orchestra of the Czech Republic, playing Georges Bizet – Carmen (Prelude) under the baton of Maestro Libor Pešek, Public Theater in Prague, replacing his instruments for smartphones, tablets and the like. To make the action possible, we created 227 different interfaces, all connected by a network WiFi Check!

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At an orchestra concert early. Child sits down next to me and yells at the ensemble to be quiet so he can play his game. #culturalpurge