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I think they should call them “Yahoo Questions”, really, but what do I know? I just read this:

How to tell my mum I want to quit the oboe?
I need to quit the oboe that I’ve been playing for only half a year but keep forgetting to bring it home from school and my mum says that I’m wasting money and that I don’t practice, I made a pro and con list and had more cons so how do I tell her and my teacher????

I remember asking my mother if I could quit oboe on occasion. It mostly had to do with reeds, as I loved the instrument. Shoot, I still hate reeds and love the instrument. Go figure. When I was older I asked her why she just didn’t let me quit and she said that she knew I had talent and thought I really liked it even if I was upset at the moment.

I’m thankful she didn’t just say, “Okay. Quit.”

Of course she did allow me to quit piano … after a very very very bad and embarrassing concert.

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Read here, in the New York Times:

ASCAP, the performing rights organization that collects royalties for nearly half a million composers, songwriters and publishers, will present its annual Adventurous Programming awards to 18 American orchestras and one new-music festival on Tuesday. The prizes, which ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) established in 1947, are meant to encourage the programming of contemporary works. They will be awarded during the League of American Orchestras 68th National Conference, in St. Louis.

The awards range from $400 to $3,000, depending on the orchestra’s budget and size, and whether it placed first, second or third in its category. The winners include the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Nashville Symphony, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Santa Rosa Symphony, the Berkeley Symphony, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, the San José Chamber Orchestra, the Lexington Symphony, the Michigan Philharmonic and the New England Philharmonic. Two student orchestras – the Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra and the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio – also won prizes, as did the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music.

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I’ve been slow to post this: this news came out a few days ago.

When the Greek government last week closed the country’s public broadcasting network, ERT, and laid off all of its nearly 2,700 employees, among the casualties was the Greek National Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

The closure was part of the cost-cutting measures demanded by Greek’s international creditors. Along with the 75-year-old radio orchestra, the national contemporary music ensemble, founded in 1954, was also shuttered. On Friday, the orchestra released a video of what is said to be the group’s final performance. Shot in a sweltering rehearsal room (the air conditioning had been turned off), it shows musicians, some teary-eyed, playing Elgar’s stirring “Nimrod” from the Enigma Variations.

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This is so darn sweet … and impressive! I am putting it up with daddy’s permission (thanks, Stan!). This young one is only eight years old.

But you know I have to say this: “Yeah, but can she make an oboe reed?!” 😉

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the Oboe is impossible to play D: