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The Yealands Wine Estate ‘s owner, Peter Yealands, initially started playing classical music on his estate in an attempt to make his wine-producing vines stronger and less prone to disease, but he discovered that it actually made the estate’s resident hens lay larger eggs instead.

He told Stuff.co.nz: “There’s a line of thought among a few cranks like me that plants respond to music.” But when he began playing the works of Mozart, Bach and Strauss in the hen houses, he noticed a remarkable change in the size of eggs they were laying.

Suggestions for more hen house repertoire include Oeufenbach, Beethoven’s Eggmont Overture and the complete works of Pecktor Berlioz.

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Do you enjoy trivial minutiae and odd facts? Do you complete Sudoku or NY Times crosswords in pen? Then oboe might be perfect for you.


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This Oboe gig is a Royal pain in my A** but I Get 75 dollars so I Guess I’ll deal wit it

(For $100 we would have gotten an h added to that wit, I’m sure.)