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A few notes …


Ravel’s Piano Concerto:

Piano left hand is your metronome. People often breathe too late. You need to listen to the 8th notes, but you also have to have a good internal metronome.

First two breasts breaths (Oh my … thank you Vladimir! I had to leave my typo up because it made me laugh so much!) should only be small. Third breath is larger.

Start softer so you can expand.

She suggests a breath between second and third bars of rehearsal 8, not between th G# and B.

Don’t get too loud between 7 and 8.

Be careful to pay extra attention to matching the colors.

Don’t use air the same way you do on oboe. English horn is NOT oboe.

Ein Heldenleben, final solo:

You must focus on where the solo is in the piece. Save yourself during the battle scene. The fourth oboe can’t be heard.

Breathing is a challenge. (She said she chose the “least bad places to breathe”.)

Don’t overplay … allow the instrument to vibrate.

She lifts the half hole finger for D to get the slur down the octave. (I do too.)

Play less at the opening when EH doubles violins. Watch the string players … don’t rush.

Use less finger pressure and you’ll get a much smoother line.

Don’t get too soft too soon at the end.

Think about subdivision. ( Not just on Strass.)

People who have bad rhythm NEVER get passed on to the final round.

Not only drop your jaw, but drop the angle of your head.

Dvorak’s New World:

Sometimes there are different tempi for the first six bars so you have to be ready for anything. There is no right tempo for the solo.

Know what is going on harmonically … not much happens at first. First two bars can be subdued. Next two have more dynamic contrast.

Bars 13 and 14 shouldn’t be an echo if you see what the strings have, but instead bars 11 & 12 should be the softer two.

Add the D key to high B flat.

Emphasized lighter finger pressure … always, not just with this. See how light you can go.

The class continued, but I didn’t! At 1:55 I realized I’d forgotten to eat today. Typical me!

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  1. You probably meant “first two breaths”….

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