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When we were at the winery concert Thursday night we sat at a table with a lovely family. One daughter played oboe and the other bassoon. The mother and father were fun to speak with, and the mother said she reads this blog sometimes. If you are out there and see this I would love to hear from you … I’m so mad that I forgot to write down your names and I have the World’s Worst Memory! Sigh. Thank you for sharing your table with us chatty women, and I do hope you had the most wonderful time at the IDRS!

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I hate to even share some things … if this business gets too busy it’ll take longer to get my reed order. And yes, I DO play on other folks’ reeds much of the time these days. I just don’t like to make reeds. I think every oboist should learn to make reeds. I think it’s of utmost importance. However I don’t think we all have the talent to make them well. I’m one what I call the World’s Worst Reed Maker. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying, but it does mean I’ll buy reeds if I can find someone who works for me. Tanya’s reed do. Heck, she got me through Les Miserables!

Tanya and Anthony Johnson at the Reed Pros table

ReedPros Table at IDRS2013

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playing the Oboe Releases all negative emotions for me. I Hope everyone else HAS an Outlet Like That.

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I found the Püchner bells to be beautiful.

Puchner Instruments at U of Redlands

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I was trying to link this to a page on the Marigaux site, but I can’t find this instrument there! Hmm. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. I wonder. But I had to shoot a few photos of this instrument. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve heard it plays really well, too. (Again, I HAVE to try it next time!)

Plexiglass Marigaux at U of Redlands

Plexiglass Marigaux at U of Redlands-2