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I’ve been on vacation. A very long vacation. And it was wonderful.

This weekend I have two rehearsals and two performances. This means I have to get things back together. My embouchure feels horrible, and my reeds … well … my mouth isn’t sure what to even do with them. I’ve been at this business long enough now, though, and I know I’ll get it back. The first time I stopped playing for a lengthy time I worried like crazy: I thought perhaps my career was over. Not so now. I know it’ll be painful to my ears and my chops, but I also know things get better rather quickly. I’m thankful, though, that these concerts don’t contain huge solos, and I did opt for the second oboe/English horn position rather than sit principal.

In case you were wondering, we went to London and then to Germany and a bit of Austria. We saw Mozart’s birthplace. We saw incredible scenery and at fabulous food. It was glorious!

Oh … and the concerts? You can read about them here. I’m playing all but the “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” concert.

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Just be glad you didn’t live near 13-year-old me when I got The Lion King book of piano music and used to play it on oboe.