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I am on jury duty this coming week. I’ve written about this before, but it’s been a while since I’ve been called so I think I’ll whine just a bit. Or more.

Jury duty, for a performer, is a challenge. Yes, it’s a challenge for anyone, really, but for us it’s a “special” sort of difficult I think. (But, thinking more, I wonder how the heck a surgeon deals with it! “Sorry, surgery is canceled, I have to get to the courthouse!”?)

Your availability for the jury selection process will be expected through Friday of the week you were summoned. If necessary, all prospective jurors are expected to be available on a one-hour notice to report for jury service. If you report and are assigned to a courtroom, your services are required until you are excused from the jury selection process. If you are selected as a sworn juror or as an alternate juror, you must serve for the duration of the trial.
You are expected to return to work any day that you are not required to report to the courthouse. You will receive a certificate of appearance for the days you are instructed to report. This does not include days you were on telephone alert.

We don’t get paid if we don’t go in to work. This is an issue for most of us in the arts.

I checked for Tuesday already (Monday is a holiday so I don’t have to worry about that) and I was instructed to check in again at noon on Tuesday. I’m going to guess it’ll then tell me to check at 5:00. Here’s hoping, anyway, since I have two students that afternoon. (Canceling students means no pay, obviously. It also means missed lessons and I prefer that I work with students weekly as much as possible.) I’ll just bet I’ll be instructed to check in again at 11 AM on Wednesday, although of course this is all just guesswork on my part. Then there’s that “one-hour notice”. I have a rehearsal on Wednesday from 11:30 to 2:30. If I do get told to check in at 11:00 on Wednesday and I do get called I have an issue. “Sorry, guys, but you’ll have no principal oboe now!” isn’t a great thing to do at the last minute to the opera company. I have a sub on standby and if I DO get called Tuesday night he’ll come in, but an hour’s notice!?. Not a good thing. In addition I really don’t want to miss the rehearsal because I need every rehearsal I can get!

Some year I would love to be on a jury. I think I could be fair. I think I have a fairly good head on my shoulders (for an oboist). But now? Definitely not a good time for this. It’s too bad they wouldn’t let me suggest a summer month when I’m unemployed.

I’ve made it all the way to the jury box twice. I was asked some questions. I was told to go home. I was rejected. The funny thing was my bewilderment and my feelings of inadequacy. I wanted to be let go, but rejection?! I wanted to say, “I’d be really really good but thanks for understanding I have a life.” Instead I just left quickly and felt as if no one liked me, everybody hated me, and I went looking for worms to eat. 😉

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SF Gate article

… a very long interview that I’ve not watched fully (so I haven’t a clue what he says. Shame on me, but I have to go teach now!):

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Poet Seamus Heaney died today. I studied some of his work when I was trying to be a poet.

From the YouTube page:
I – A Dream of Flight
II – Anxiety Dream
III – Waking in Tears
IV – Glanmore Sonnet #10

Recorded live and unedited (well one edit to replace a broken string!) on May 21st, 2013 at the Gold Room, Pasadena, CA.

Kate Allen, Adrian Spence, Nicholas Daniel, Catherine Leonard, Richard Yongjae O’Neill & Warren Jones perform Ian Wilson’s Dreamgarden, a work inspired by one of Seamus Heaney’s Glanmore Sonnets.

Dreamgarden was commissioned by Camerata Pacifica, with generous support from Robert M. Light and Ann Koepfli, and dedicated to the memory of former Board member and friend Sandy Saunderson and his wife Lulu.

This was one of 4 performances premiering the work in the United States.

http://www.cameratapacifica.org. Camerata Pacifica is a chamber music ensemble based in Santa Barbara that performs a monthly series of concerts in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Marino, and Zipper Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded by Adrian Spence in 1990, the group is composed of the finest performers of chamber music from around the world. The ensemble is distinctive for artistic excellence, an innovative approach to classical music and a repertoire that ranges from baroque to brand new, from familiar masterworks to works that have yet to become favorites.

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Gahhhh I miss my Oboe … Please Send Get well Cards to it at the Oboe Hospital

So we have now had two orchestra only rehearsals for Falstaff, and one rehearsal with the opening night cast. From what I could hear it sounded quite good! Of course I can’t hear a lot, being under the lip of the stage and having the orchestra surrounding me, but I do try to listen as carefully as possible. Today wasn’t the best of days for that, though, as I had a “vertigo episode” and for the first hour I was just busy working on not throwing up or passing out. Fortunately by the second hour I was a bit better, and by the third I thought I was nearly fine. Only when I stood up did I realize the world was still spinning a bit around me.

I’m finally catching on: I have noticed for a long time that my tinnitus is louder sometimes and that is a prologue to a migraine. This time it was also a vertigo warning. (Hmm. Now that I’m typing this I wonder if I really DID know that but forgot?! I’d not had an issue in so long I may have blocked it out.) From here on out the moment the tinnitus gets louder I think I’ll take a medication that helps with vertigo, just in case. I’d rather be safe than sick!

Now that I’m back in the pit I’m hoping all of my students will soon be in the studio. Vacation was so darn fun I started to get a bit too used to it, and I need the students back so I can enjoy the joy they can bring me to remind me that I do love my jobs!

Of course a good reed or two would help with that too.

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so in my woodwind tech class I Will be Helping the Teacher teach Oboe . Flute and all I have to learn is Bassoon: (I want lessons INSTEAD: (

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The Oboe ALWAYS HAS some Sort of solo -. –

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First Oboe Lesson tomorrow (!:

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High school students who plan to be music majors in college aren’t always prepared for what awaits them, says Rhode Island College music professor Robert Franzblau.

Giving those students, and their influencers, advice on making the right decision was the idea behind Franzblau’s recently published book, “So You Want to be a Music Major: A Guide for High School Students, Their Parents, Guidance Counselors, and Music Teachers,” published by Meredith Music Publications in July.

The book, which will also be available in an electronic format, addresses a wide range of concerns college music instructors have about their incoming students including technical skills, having the right attitude toward their work, and having a misconception about what a collegiate music program entails.

“Sometimes students want to choose music because they think it will be fun,” Franzblau said. “It’s supposed to be hard work, and it is hard work, like anything else.”