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High school students who plan to be music majors in college aren’t always prepared for what awaits them, says Rhode Island College music professor Robert Franzblau.

Giving those students, and their influencers, advice on making the right decision was the idea behind Franzblau’s recently published book, “So You Want to be a Music Major: A Guide for High School Students, Their Parents, Guidance Counselors, and Music Teachers,” published by Meredith Music Publications in July.

The book, which will also be available in an electronic format, addresses a wide range of concerns college music instructors have about their incoming students including technical skills, having the right attitude toward their work, and having a misconception about what a collegiate music program entails.

“Sometimes students want to choose music because they think it will be fun,” Franzblau said. “It’s supposed to be hard work, and it is hard work, like anything else.”


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