I have issues with Kickstarter campaigns sometimes. Okay, I have issues much of the time, I confess. What can I say? I’m old fashioned. The “Please give me money so I can have an oboe because oboes are expensive and I don’t want to have to get a job” campaigns just don’t go over very well with me. Some are certainly legitimate, of course, and I’ve even donated to a few, so I can see the value. Sometimes.

Now New York City Opera is having one. Yikes! They want a million bucks (me too, but I promise I won’t start a Kickstarter!). They are in serious trouble. Very serious financial trouble.

I wonder if a Kickstarter campaign will work or backfire.



  1. My thoughts: I hope our boys enjoy music, but will not pursue it as a career. I feel like we are the last generation to have a real shot at making music a career. And I’m only 35! I’m very lucky to be where I am; so many of my talented friends are struggling. Put something happy up next Patty. Music shouldn’t be depressing…

  2. It’s certainly not as easy to make it in this business compared to when I started, Dave! I’m grateful I got in when I did. Whew!