16. September 2013 · Comments Off on Another Stephen King Novel Goes to the Opera · Categories: Opera

An oft-adapted horror classic is getting another life: as an opera.

Minnesota Opera has obtained the rights to Stephen King’s “The Shining” and commissioned composer Paul Moravec and librettist Mark Campbell to write it.


I wonder if Mr. King has ever written about opera, has ever attended one, or like opera at all.

Dan and I will be attending a performance of Dolores Claiborne at San Francisco Opera this season since we have season tickets. (This year, I must admit, is not all that thrilling in my opinion. I might have even skipped it, but then we’d be back to square one when it comes to seats and while ours aren’t all that comfortable (the Grand Tier seats have NO leg room and the people on either side of us rarely leave their chairs for intermission so we always have to ask them to stand so we can get out), we didn’t want to lose them and start again for next season.

I’m not a Stephen King fan, but we’ll see if an opera can make me appreciate him. (Yes, I’ve read a few of his books. Just not my cuppa.)

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