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I get this song in my head as an ear worm on walks sometimes. Crazy! (But I’ve never heard it in an operatic fashion in my head. Of course I probably WILL now … sigh ….)

I received this via email yesterday:

Isn’t it about time a University stepped up and paid some of your school costs?

Well that time has come and here is your chance to let us pay!

Our innovative new Graduation Fund* is designed to help students pay
for school and successfully complete their programs.
Let us help pay for your school here [link removed]

No application – You’re automatically enrolled
No restrictions – No GPA requirements
No competition – All new undergraduates start a fund
No expirations – Stay enrolled and your fund keeps growing

See How we pay you to go to school here [link removed]

[name removed] University

Hmm. I’m sure that would be a worthwhile diploma to have.

Or maybe not.

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my sister keeps her Doudble Reed for her Oboe in her mouth and Carries it around Like a cig