Wow. It’s one thing to play fast when you’re young: sure, it’s impressive and all, but to have control when playing slowly … to me that is so revealing. I’m impressed.

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One of our customers had a great #Halloween Party with her Howarth #Oboe and Cor Anglais this year!

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Okay … this cracked me up …

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Heard on my Daily Walk: an Oboe . student hard at work on Scales, a loud garage band Practice We Live for # Music in # Seattle !

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An annual opera concert held in the grounds of a stately home has come under threat following noise complaints and claims the music is only for “posh folk.”
Winslow Hall in Buckinghamshire first played host to the Stowe Opera festival last year, with a production of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro in a marquee outside the 17th century Grade I-listed mansion.
This summer it went on to host six performances of Bizet’s Carmen, rehearsals for which prompted several neighbours to complain to the local council.
As a result, the home’s owner, Christopher Gilmour, now fears for the concerts’ future.
The son of the late Tory cabinet minister Lord Gilmour said “a chorus of several residents” had been voicing their objections to the rehearsals.
“What hurts most is that one of the most vehement complainants is a man who said he liked loud noise but only if it was from a rock concert,” he told the Daily Mail.
“He didn’t care for opera, which he said was only for posh folk.”

I read it here.

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Too funny! I just ran across a site where you can download different recordings of “Gabriel S Oboe”. Hah! 🙂

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Conductor Daniel Barenboim is stepping down as musical director of Milan’s La Scala opera house two years early at the beginning of 2015.

Stephane Lissner, superintendent of La Scala, called Barenboim’s departure the “end of an era”.

Barenboim joined the world-renowned opera house in 2006 before becoming musical director in December 2011.

Unconfirmed reports in Italian media suggested he will be succeeded by Milanese conductor, Riccardo Chailly.

I read it here.

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My sister’s actually crazy good at oboe

*As a reminder, these are “Twitter Quotes of the Day” and not my words! (My sister is crazy good, but she doesn’t play oboe.)

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… and rather favorable, at that!

Richard Scheinin of the Mercury News

David Bratman of San Francisco Classical Voice

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I have misgivings about Google Glass. I worry that it might feel invasive to some. I realize my carrying around a camera could seem invasive as well, but somehow the Glass sort of creeps me out. I also think it can cause issues with copyright law. Can someone wear the device to a concert and then broadcast that or record it for others? How do groups prevent that? But then again, what do I know? Maybe it’s a great thing. Maybe I’d love it if I could afford it (I’m sure I can’t). Still, I’d be interested in giving it a go, just because. (But it’s not available to the general public, so there’s that ….)

Then there’s Cornell conductor and professor, Cynthia Turner …

Working with Tyler Ehrlich, an undergraduate student at the university, Turner has been developing apps that could replace music stands and sheet music altogether. “The whole idea of a music stand that is black and thick … to get rid of that is very exciting,” Turner said. “It’s just you and the musician.” A basic version of their app might just scroll notes by for the musician as they’re meant to be played, but Turner and Ehrlich have a far bigger vision: to create an entirely new method of music notation for the 21st century.

I read it here.

She has also used the device during a concert. It’s a bit jerky, but it’s interesting to see her point of view.

You can’t just go out and get a Glass (is that how we refer to the device) at the moment. Want one? You have to fill out a form and wait and hope and dream and all that jazz.