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In the lobby on Friday night, someone carrying a camera asked if I had any thoughts I cared to convey. I related that I thought the management of the Minnesota Orchestra had brought the issue from fiscal to philosophical. Our orchestra is like a building on the historical registry. Or a national park. Should we let a bunch of bureaucrats tear down the Flat Iron Building? Or Taliesin? Do we really need those stupid redwoods? The beautiful thing about musicians is that they can play at a high level for a long time. Our orchestra is like an old growth forest. Or like a fine wine. Both of which should be tended, stewarded, but allowed to grow and mature organically. This management is a bunch of hackers who will be fine drinking box wine listening to Andre Rieu in their new stadium. And shame on the city and shame on the state for not stepping in and saying, no. No way are you putting a corporate campus, a golf course and a tract of McMansions in the Boundary Waters.

Please do go read the whole thing.

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