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The veteran advertising executive Steve Hayden credits his background as a cellist for his most famous work, the Apple “1984” commercial depicting rebellion against a dictator. “I was thinking of Stravinsky when I came up with that idea,” he says. He adds that his cello performance background helps him work collaboratively: “Ensemble playing trains you, quite literally, to play well with others, to know when to solo and when to follow.”


Another male conductor, Bruno Montovani, opens his big mouth.

The profession of a conductor is a profession that is particularly physically testing, sometimes women are discouraged by the very physical aspect – conducting, taking a plane, taking another plane, conducting again. It is quite challenging.

A woman who wants to have children will have a hard time having a career as a conductor, which can mean changing tack abruptly overnight for several months… Raising a child at a distance isn’t easy.

But I love response:

All I can say is that last night I conducted a concert of Mexican contemporary music in the first half and then Sheherazade in the second half; I am four months pregnant and I have never felt this amount of energy before.

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His wife, Susan, will accompany him on the oboe for certain pieces.

This is a first for me: the husband is a pianist. I’ve never heard of an oboist accompanying a pianist before.


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For young musicians looking to enter Beijing’s prestigious Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the jury audition is the most stressful performance of their nascent careers.

For many of their professors, however, it’s the most profitable time of the year.

“The new semester is when they make all their money,” admits one professor over lunch, requesting anonymity. “Students and parents have already handed out cash hongbao to most or all of the professors who will sit on their jury panels.”

“I had parents from Dongbei [north-east China] calling me up three weeks before the exams, asking how can we ‘maneuver’ this,” says another professor, who also asked not to be identified but who says bribes often reach into the hundreds of thousands. “Of course, parents want to do everything for their kids. Especially when they have money.”


Pretty sad if it’s all true. (I realize that reading something online doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true and accurate!)

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cee, if you are unsure about how to spell oboe, you should never music.