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All I want to do is practice oboe. I want to be proficient enough to play it instead of clarinet next semester in concert band.

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A group of young adults have found Britney Spears’ music so empowering that they made an opera out of her work.

SPEARS is “an original musical that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ, telling the story through the hit music of Britney Spears,” according to the production’s official website. After a debut in April 2012 at Columbia University, the show will arrive at the Snapple Theater in midtown Manhattan for two performances on November 7. Tickets are only available to those who are interested in investing in the show, as the producers wish to bring the show to Broadway full time.

A press release states that SPEARS “tugs at the heartstrings of America’s lost twenty-somethings, calling on familiar hits such as ‘Stronger,’ ‘One More Time,’ and ‘Crazy,’ to describe the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” Every word of the show is sung which makes it an opera.


No, it is not April 1st.