My Spanish teacher sometimes plays classical music while we’re working. I’ve noticed that most of my other classmates laugh at it and complain, and I can’t understand why. This is the type of music my singing teacher asks me to listen to, and this is the kind of music I enjoy. I told my classmates in Spanish class that I like classical music, and they laughed at that, too. What makes it so unpopular?

Awww … I like this questioner! 🙂

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(We already own a Prius and love it.)

Toyota Motor Corporation announces that it will hold a series of seven1 classical-music concerts in cities throughout Japan between April 11 and April 20, 2014. The concerts will be given by the Toyota Master Players, Wien, a special 31-musician strong orchestra including principal musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra.

The concert series, held since 2000 as part of Toyota’s social contribution activities in support of arts and culture, will be held next year for the twelfth time, with special cooperation from the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. As part of Toyota’s award-winning Kokoro Hakobu Project, all proceeds from ticket sales for the Morioka and Sendai performances will again be donated toward the education of orphaned children in the Tohoku region, which was affected particularly badly by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Tickets will go on sale nationwide on December 7, 20132, with prices starting in the 3,000-yen range to give as many people as possible the opportunity to appreciate these world-class performances. To encourage broader musical appreciation, people up to 24 years of age are encouraged to apply for complimentary tickets to the concerts and rehearsals. Special concerts will also be held at elementary schools and child welfare facilities.


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Vivaldi – Bassoon concerto RV 493 (2. Lento) – Sophie Dartigalongue

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

Many thanks to “dk” for this link!

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I just read that Conrad Susa died yesterday.

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I hate that I have to go to my Oboe Lesson in my Colorguard clothes.

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Read about how this took place.