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Please say it ain’t so!


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Sort of amazing!

Pamberi Steel Orchestra playing part of The Rite of Spring, conducted by Dr. Dawn Batson. (Thanks, Paul Barrett, for bringing this to my attention!)

A collection of golden oboes, probably unique in the world, is to be offered for sale through a dealer in South Australia.

The instruments belong to a discerning private collector and represent the very best craftsmanship from many of the leading manufacturers in the world. The seller, who prefers to remain anonymous but whose generosity we are told has been felt in many parts of South Australian musical life, is only keeping a very few top quality instruments which he intends to lend out and maybe pass down through the family.


… well, the keys are gold. I’ve never really cared about what my keys look like, but I suppose some are really attracted to gold.

I must admit, too, that I’ve never understood instrument collectors. I think instruments are meant to be used to make music.

Call me silly.

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… I get to listen to music to review sometimes. So I am currently listening to this. And it is lovely. Bach … what can I say? Just BACH. That is enough. 🙂

More of Dinnerstein

… and her Facebook page.

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Let’s listen to the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestral recording and see when the oboe breathes during the solo! THEY DON’T

(Who knew that an oboist was more than one person? Yeah, I’m old and I hate that “they” is used for the singular.)