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The other day a student was playing a work for oboe and piano for his lesson. At one point there are measures of rest and I said, “So what is the piano playing here?” He hadn’t a clue! I asked him if he’d listened even once to the work and he hadn’t. This is something I’m encountering more and more. There are other times, though, that a student has listened to a work, but simply hasn’t paid attention to anything but the oboe part.

I would like to remind students that it’s important to know the entire conversation, not just your part.

As I said at this recent lesson, an actor wouldn’t learn his or her lines without the entire dialog. We aren’t conversing only with ourselves, and knowing the entire conversation is a good idea!

Of course there are other reasons to know what’s going on, but there’s my example for today. (I’ll deal with the fact that the student hadn’t bothered to listen to the work even once at a later date.)

That is all. Over ‘n out.

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Claudio Abbado, a conductor whose refined interpretations of a large symphonic and operatic repertory won him the directorships of several of the world’s most revered musical institutions — including La Scala, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna State Opera and the Berlin Philharmonic — died on Monday. He was 80.

(Just yesterday I had read that his Orchestra Mozart had suspended activity temporarily and the article mentioned Abbado’s health as a possible issue. I’m very sad to read this news today.)

New York Times


London Symphony Orchestra

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By watching Syvlia’s brain while she turned on and off these musical hallucinations, researchers were able to pinpoint where they might be coming from. And it looked like her internal music was coming from a handful of brain regions—the ones that process melodies as well as those implicated in memory and processing images.

Do read the whole thing.

Fascinating! (And thank you, Jaleen Seshadri, for the link!)

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I’m officially obsessed with the oboe.