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“Everyone says, ‘Just have fun and enjoy it.’ I say: ‘I’ll have a blast at 6:30. I go on at 6:18 or something.”

Now I’m no Renée Fleming, but even in my little career I know that thought! If my solo is going to happen around 2:56 I can’t wait until 3:00! Not that I don’t enjoy what I do … but those nerves!

Playing English horn is especially like this because, similar to her comment about the Star Spangled Banner compared to a full opera, there is no time to redeem yourself if you botch things up.

I read the quote here, where Fleming is talking about singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Wait a minute … football season is so OVER. You know?

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A rock band that can include an Oboe player is cool. Roxy Music – Out of the Blue (Live 1976): http://youtu.be/oVkOVWBaRwA via @youtube