01. February 2014 · Comments Off on Sometimes It’s Time For Fun · Categories: Ramble

One of my students arrived today looking pretty tired. So many high school students are overly busy these days, and I could see it in his face — he was exhausted! I don’t normally change plans as drastically as I did today, but after seeing him and chatting a bit about how busy he was, I pulled out my Telemann Canonic Sonatas and after he warmed up a bit we played through some of those. I think he just needed to have some fun today. And that’s okay.

I’m sorry to say that when I was younger I doubt my students knew music could be fun. I was strict and I don’t believe there was much laughter. Later I lightened up a bit, but I still followed a rather rigid schedule.

Now, of course, I’m older. (I know, you never would have guessed that!) I’ve relaxed. And I want my students to work hard, learn a lot, but also have a great time. Besides, I have fun that way too. I want them to laugh. I want to laugh with them. I sometimes tease them (once I can tell they understand my goofy ways) and some even start to tease me, which I really enjoy, as long as we still show respect.

Making music is hard work. But making music can also be great fun. Sometimes a lesson day should be spent reminding a student of that.

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