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Spanish scientists have found that playing classical music to layer hens reduces their stress levels, building on previous studies that show calmer chooks have heavier eggs.
Glenys Barker from Homestead Quail says she has been playing classical music to her poultry for years.
It started because she had the radio on for company while she was in the chook shed but then discovered it made the chooks quieter.
“Our quails are also always very very quiet around people – and I am sure that is because we have that radio going,” she says.
“If a chicken is stressed it will go off the lay.
“And classical music definitely has a more calming effect on them than rock music.”

Um … I can’t tell if this is like the Onion or if this is real. The photos are pretty bizarre, the puns plentiful, and the music list crazy.

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All the cool kids practice oboe in the basement on Sunday nights, right?