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I finished writing my oboe concerto. Too bad I don’t know of nobody who plays oboe who would want to play it

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Saint Säens: Calme des nuits
The Convivium Singers

Stillness of the night, cool of the evening,
Vast shimmering of the spheres,
Great silence of black vaults
Deep thinkers delight in you.
The bright sun, merriment,
And noise amuse the more frivolous;
Only the poet is possessed
By the love of quiet things.

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… but the studio does feel that audiences might not appreciate a concert on the screen, even from so rare and distinguished a combination.

Yeah, even back in 1953 …

What a fun thing to watch and listen to! Really great stuff to hear, too.

I hope I’m not wrong in assuming it is safe to put this up. It was made for TV. Copyright laws, anyone? I’m googling to try and found out if something done for TV in 1953 and no longer available is allowed …?