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“L’INCORONAZIONE DI POPPEA” by Monteverdi is the last Opera of the Monteverdi trilogy filmed by the Italian label and producer DYNAMIC at the TEATRO REAL, Madrid. The collaboration between TEATRO REAL and DYNAMIC started in 2008 with the recording of “L’ORFEO” and continued with “IL RITORNO DI ULISSE IN PATRIA” in 2009 and ended with “L’INCORONAZIONE DI POPPEA” in 2010. The three works conducted by William Christie and directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi featured all the great names of today’s baroque stages: Dietrich Henschel, Sonia Prina, Philippe Jaroussky, Danielle De Niese, Maria Grazia Schiavo, Kobie van Rensburg and Christine Rice. The first two recordings are available on DVD under the label DYNAMIC, the third is also available for TV broadcastings and has been released by VIRGIN CLASSICS

Pur ti miro, pur ti godo, / I behold you, I rejoice in you,
pur ti stringo, pur t’annodo, / I embrace you, I chain you,
piu non peno, non moro, / I suffer no more, I die no more,
o mia vita, o mio tesoro. / O my life, o my treasure.
Io son tua, tuo son io, / I am yours, yours I am,
speme mia, dillo di, / O my hope, say it, say
pur ti sei l’idol mio, / Truly you are my idol,
o mio ben, o mio caro, / O my sweet, o my dear,
o mia vita, si, si, si, si. / O my life, yes, yes, yes.

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Z. Randall Stroope: Amor de Mi Alma
National Taiwan University Chorus

I was not born but to love thee
my soul is patterned to thy measures
and because of my soul’s habit I do love thee

Your every aspect is written on my soul:
I no more than read, that within it,
even from thee I might hide myself.

I confess to owe thee all I have
for thee I was born, for thee I am alive
for thee I have to die, and for thee I die.

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Miguel Matamoros: Juramento
Entrevoces, Havana, Cuba

If love makes one feel deep pain
And condems one to live in misery
For your love, I would give you, my dear
Even the blood that boils within my veins

If it is fountain of mystic grief
And makes men drag long chains
I swear to you I will drag them across
The infinite and black seas of my sorrows

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