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A blogger and photographer I “met” on Google+ (Hi, Karin!) has written about the QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones. She makes them sound fantastic, and I wonder if I might finally find something that will work for me.

I bought some other “noise canceling” headphones and they not only didn’t fit in my ear properly, but they weren’t truly noise canceling. I’m not sure how they could call them that and I should have asked for my $100 back. Sigh. Instead I gave them to my son. They broke shortly after he started using them.

I have incredibly sensitive ears. Cold and wind do me in. In-ear headphones do as well. I put them in and only minutes later I have to pull the darn things back out because I am in pain. Several people have written to say these are wonderful. I would love to find something that works. Any readers out there have these? I’d love to get more responses before I spend the whopping $300 for them.

So Bose, what do you say? WHAT if your expensive headphones hurt my ears? I can’t imagine we can return them. Do I dare spend the money? Are you out there? Do you read blogs when people write about you?

Hmm. I’m guessing not. You probably have blog-canceling headphones on.

Okay … that’s about as funny as I could be right now. Allergies and a cold have dampened my ability to be humorous.

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