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Robert Atherholt Masterclass Series

Robert Atherholt

May 28-31, 2014
Ball State University’s School of Music is proud to host the impressive teacher and oboist Robert Atherholt. Join us for four full days of classes!

Special Performance
The series will close with a recital by Atherholt on May 31 at 7:30 p.m. in Sursa Performance Hall.

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… should we do it too?

There’s a rather popular person (if you can be “popular” in the classical music world) who makes a living and loves to talk and write about how old the classical music audience is now, how it didn’t used to be that way, and how we need to change if we are to survive. Similar to the doomsday Christian authors who made a bundle on saying the world was ending, the writer is doing quite well, saying we are a mess and need to change. Heck, those authors and that classical music person aren’t all wrong: there is truth in what they write. But there are also things I would question.

I read about how disruptive audiences were back in Mozart’s day and how wonderful that is. Audience involvement and all that jazz.

Back in Mozart’s day. So shall we then assume that we prefer to go back to Mozart’s day? Because it was done back when Mozart was alive does that make it the way to go?

I could write more, and pose more questions, but I’ve not finished my latté yet.

So back to my latté. For now why don’t you listen to this young guy (14) play the Carmen Fantasy, since he won the 2014 Menuhin Competition in the junior category. In this case the audience saved their outburst for after he was done.

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Wondering why the other 2 oboe players stood up when the soloists did… Pretty sure I was the only oboe who played a solo

… I am frequently unsure of who the conductor is acknowledging. If in doubt, I tend to stay seated.