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I have to confess that I’d heard the title of this song, but never heard the actual song before, so I first had to go on YouTube to find the original before putting this up.

I realize some of us folks in the classical world sort of pride ourselves in being out of touch with pop culture, but there is a part of me that feels as if I should be a little more aware. I think pop culture teaches us “where we’re at” … if you know what I mean. Not that you’ll get me to watch any reality TV shows, mind you. I don’t want to know that part of the “where we’re at” story!

Anyway, bravi tutti to The Burning Reeds, and if you want to hear the group YLVIS sing “What does the Fox Say?” I’ll post that below the fabulous bassoon version as well.

The Burning Reeds perform YLVIS’s hit song “What Does The Fox Say?” Bassoonists understand the pun.

The Burning Reeds are a bassoon quartet at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. Members are Stephen Duncan, Cathryn Gaylord, Adam Romey, and Cornelia Sommer, with special guest James Cromer. Kevin Grainger arranged the song, and this performance was recorded by http://angrymicstudio.com in Auer Hall.

How these guys can sing this with a straight face is beyond me. I admit I just love this … yes, I’m goofy that way.

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My old clarinet teacher thinks I should learn to play oboe or bassoon! I might consider it!