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Thanks, Bob Hubbard, for bringing this to my attention!

From the YouTube page:

This is a small tune I composed while on an airplane, hence the title. It is written for 2 oboes and was written so that one may play it by themselves. A very genuine attempt at screwing around.

I’m assuming the name on the YouTube page, Rajan Panchal, is the oboist’s name.

Bravo! 🙂

Fortunately Yorkshire Comprehensive schools had a great school music programme at the time and I was given a school French Horn on loan and free music lessons. What I talk about in the book is how I think I learnt everything I needed to know to get to be an Olympian, apart from the actual sport, from music rather than sport at school. While all the sporty kids were doing sport I was doing music with the same dedication. I’d get up early every morning to do my French horn and piano practice, I had rehearsals most lunch times and every day after school, I’d get up again on Saturday to play in Area Orchestras and played at Country level in the holidays. I learnt how to hold my own line at the same time as blending with a team, and dealing with the sickening nerves of playing a solo really wasn’t that different from lining up for an Olympic final. By the time I finally found rowing I already had all that going for me. I couldn’t believe it when people just didn’t turn up for training. One of the most important things I learnt at school was the importance of turning up. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t turn up.

—Olympian Alison Mowbray


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I’m going to need a picture of you making eye contact with the camera while playing oboe.