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Are you available to offer private music lesson? I am very interested
in having my daughter attend your private class, she is interested in
private lesson, she is 16 yrs old , she will be coming for an holiday
season in your area, she knows some things about your lessons, so, she
will be attending your classes 1 hour per day (at any time of the day
convenient for you), 2 days in a week for 6 weeks staring April 10th,
2014, so what you will do is calculate the cost for 2 hours a week for
6 weeks and send me the total cost. Her name is Monica, she is a
beginner, she will be staying very close to you during the lesson, i
have someone that will always bring her to your teaching location for
the lesson and take her off to the home stay after the lesson. I am
not around for now i am busy so get back to me with your cost and any
other thing may be extra charges
depending on you OK.
I await to hear back from you soon.
Thank you!

Right. I believe that one. I’m guessing some other music instructors have received this, or will soon. Lucky you!

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… than the real ones. Or at least these are PG-13 or so, maybe!

It’s a Carmina Burana sort of weekend, with Symphony Silicon Valley Do you have your tickets yet? I hear it’s selling very, very well.

Now I want a piece of lovely cake.

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I wish the oboe was quieter so I could practice at night